Saturday, October 5, 2013

What's in the bag?

A dancer's bag is like a lady's purse.  Stuffed to the gills and oh-so-mysterious.  What's in there, anyway?  We've found some brave souls willing to share it all with us and we're bringing it here the first Saturday of every month.

Whose bag are we snooping in?

Photo credit: A Little RoJo © 2012 - Rowan & Jocelyn Gillson
This months dancer is Lorianne Barclay.   Lorianne is originally from Portland, Oregon and is very excited and honored to be joining Ballet 5:8 this season. You can learn more about Lorianne here in her company bio. 

 What's in the bag?

 Items: Nylon shorts, technique shoes socks, bandaids, gel toe strips, Icy Hot, Oragel, Neosporin, Voss bottle, iPod, dental floss and needle, toe tape, KT tape, box cutter, scissors, tea tree oil hand lotion, arnica pills, clear nail polish, spork, tincture of arnica, baby powder, soft ball, wrap skirts, leg warmer, masking tape, tennis ball, sock toe pads, mints, thera-bands, tiger balm, burt's bee lip balm, deodorant, tin of bobby pins, metal hair piece, dance bag, pointe shoes.

Lorianne says, " I like to be prepared when disaster strikes, at the same time, I don't want the "lead dance bag" tragedy. I carry a lot of first aid and foot remedies in various zipper bags and only a few clothing articles, such as a single leg warmer. I like to make my own skirts to wear, I usually carry more than one option to choose from, or one for a friend. The item I absolutely couldn't live without is my bottle of tincture of arnica for my chronically bruised toenails. Bruised toenails can be extremely painful on pointe, but tincture of arnica is one of the few remedies."


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